Wicksteed Park

We spent the day at Wicksteed park last Sunday. And I mean the whole day. There is so much to do there we didn't leave until way past bedtime.

First of all, there's the rides. Not all parks like this have a lot of rides for little ones but there were enough to keep them entertained all day. April and her cousin are 3 and they were able to go on a few things on their own. Some we had to go on with them because of their heights, which is fine by me! I like it when I can join in. Enid also got to go on a few things sat on my lap, like these cars, so she really enjoyed it as she wasn't just stuck in the buggy all day. The older girls loved these little aeroplanes the most. They could go in in their own, and they made a little friend who sat in the back of their plane. They were beaming as they flew around. 

The grounds are massive. The theme park is just a part of this, there's loads of scenic parts and a whole other lake for fishing. We didn't visit those parts this time, but I live locally and so I've been before and can tell you it's really nice, great for a walk. The grounds as a whole though, are beautifully kept, lots of open green space, statues and seating areas. Going on the train is a great way to have a look around and we all enjoyed it. We also went out for a trip in a ferry boat. I was a little nervous taking the girls out on the water but I'm glad we did it. We all got to go on this and it was lovely. All three of the girls smiled the whole way. Here's my girls and I
 as we first set sail and they felt the wind on their faces!

Seeing that we were there for the entire day, we had a try of a couple of the food offerings. There's a steak house that serves food and drink (including beer!) We had burger and chips, with chicken nuggets and chips for the girls. Being a veggie, I went for the falafel burger and it was delicious, we thoroughly enjoyed eating it outside in a shady spot under a tree! We had pizza for our tea, which was just as tasty. You can take your own food in which is nice if you want to go for a picnic, and on this glorious bank holiday a lot of families were doing just this.

As we worked out way back to the top end of the park there's quite a few rides suitable for younger ones, including a traditional merry go round, and a big boat. I remember there being a big pirate ship when I used to visit as a child so I was excited to have a go on this! I sat in the middle and it was fine for me and two toddlers, I was a bit worried they'd be scared but April sat singing row the boat so I think she was ok...! There's also meerkats, goats and an aviary at this end. We particularly liked the talking grey parrot, he was such a performer!

Once the rides had all closed at 6.30 we spent some time in the ornamental garden, music and sensory area and in the big playground. When I said there's a lot to do there, I was not exaggerating! We ran around and played until the girls were dropping, but they had such a good time!

Thanks to Wicksteed as we were given the trip to review. Although the tickets were gifted, all opinions are genuine and completely my own. 

Here's a few more pictures from our day.