Lego Discovery Centre

Who plays with Lego the most, April, mum or dad? It's one of those things where you cant resist joining in!

So we were all really excited about going to the Lego Discovery Centre in Birmingham last weekend. From the moment you walk in you are immersion in Lego, it's everywhere! While you wait for the lift to take you into the centre there's Lego on the walls to play with. I think April thought that was the whole day out and was pretty impressed with it so you can imagine how excited she was when we got into the main room.

We went on a train first where you have to shoot the baddies. We got off that and then went into the model Birmingham. It's so well done, there's uploads of little details (some references that are mostly there for the parents) and interactive elements to play with. April’s favourite was getting the music to play in the stadium. 

From there it’s into the main room which is just every child’s dream... There's so much Lego!! 
Our first stop was the Lego friends area with life sized model characters and a prebuilt city to play with. It’s surrounded by seats and tables, each with tubs full of Lego for building your own bits. 

In the middle of the room there’s a ramp and racetrack for testing out the cars you build. I think this was April’s favourite part of the Centre. She (with a bit of help) built a car that she held on to the whole rest of the day. She rolled out down the ramps, raced it, modified it, changed all the wheels and kept going back to it all day long! 

There were challenges set up and competitions running throughout the day. April did follow the instructions (with a LOT of help from Daddy) and build and ice cream van, but I think she was a little on the young side for some of the activities.

She still enjoyed the Duplo area, which allowed Enid to have a play too. I think April’s at the age where she's in between so she was happy to play everywhere. There's a little slide and some giant bricks as well as the Duplo to build with. 

As well as all the building fun, April went on a little ride, into the soft play area and to the 4D cinema. Plus we met a real life Lego man!

As a day out, we were there from about 11-4. Then they were really tired out! It's situated on the canal so we did have a little walk along there before we went home. But there's also a Sea Life Centre nearby and you can get money off tickets if you visit both. 

There is a cafe in the Lego Centre, and we all got a meal deal there, and went back for a cake in the afternoon too. We’ll definitely be going to the Centre again for another visit!

We were gifted entry but all opinions are my own.