Toddler Activities (Little Brian Paint Sticks)

Whilst I’m on maternity leave I’m trying to entertain both the girls all day. It's not an easy task. Trying to find something that one of them can do while I'm busy with the other one. Or things we can all do together, but Enid is a little young for most things.

Things that work well for all of us are music making, reading or running/crawling around on the grass. But toddlers need a bit more than that!

Something that April’s really enjoyed recently is painting. She is quite the artist. She’s been able to draw things like houses and faces for a while but they're becoming more detailed, and more recognisable. 

We were recently sent these Little Brian paint sticks to review and they're ideal for her. They are push up sticks of paint, which don’t need any water. We have a set which includes 12 normal colours, 6 metallic and 6 day glo. The colours are vivid and bright and go on to a range of surfaces. We used them on white, coloured and black paper and cardboard and they worked brilliantly. We're yet to try them on other materials but I'm excited to try them on fabric.

After being shown April was able to twist them herself and paint some pretty fantastic pieces of art. They can be used in different ways such as stencilling, stamping or even mixed with water to create different effects.

Handy for mums, they are relatively mess less. There’s no water needed or runny paints to spill, and they dry really quickly.

These have been a huge hit with April and I'm a fan too! I will admit that I helped make this house, but it was definitely a team effort.

Thanks to Little Brian and Wire PR.
Products gifted for review. All opinions are my own.