Toddlekind Prettier Playmat Review

If you come into my house it’s clear to see that the children have taken over! Once you've walked past me in my mum bun, scrambling to pick the toys up and clear up their breakfast before they make their next mess, you'll see a highchair, baby photos and more toys than they could ever need. There’s no mistaking this is a family home.

But it is nice to have something which resembles a living room rather than a toy shop. Especially on those rare occasions when they go to bed on time and I can relax for a while and catch up on some Netflix.

Our house isn't big, so there's always going to be a need for children's things downstairs. I know some parents have a no toys kept in the living room rule, but I'm ok with it (within reason!) I’ve recently bought some Ikea Kallax cube storage so that the toys can be tucked away at the end of the day. I'm planning to 'hack’ it by adding some legs and joining two together, so that's my next project.

Right now though, I’m excited about my new mat! Our old rug had so many things spilled on it over the last few years that I just couldn't get it clean. I spent hours with the carpet cleaner thinking it will look amazing when it dries, for it to look exactly the same. So it's gone. But we needed something on our hard floors with these little ones, especially as Enid is turning out to be a climber. 

That's where Toddlekind came in with their beautiful foam mats that fit in with your house and style. I'm honestly so in love with it. 
We have the Prettier Playmat in grey and it fits in beautifully with my living room. This is where the girls spend the majority of their time at home. April’s only just old enough to play in her own room, but she’d much rather be downstairs with us anyway. But when they eventually go to bed and we put everything away the mat stays. Because it doesn't look like a playmat and it goes nicely with this whole Skandi vibe I’m trying to create.

There's a variety of different ways you can set up the pattern and I may have played around with this a bit. A lot. It's so practical as it’s wipe clean, extendable and gives a softer landing for those inevitable stumbles.

I love that we now have a playmat that works for the girls and can stay down all the time because it looks so lovely.

Thanks to Toddlekind for sending us this.
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Product was gifted but all opinions are my own.