Bioderma – ABCDerm: Review

I'm always very careful when I try new products on the girls’ skin. I've had sensitive skin all my life and I don't want them to have to deal with any skin issues or irritations. 

When I received these products to test from the @biodermauk ABCderm range I was excited to try them, but with Enid having chickenpox I didn't want to put anything new on her skin. Now she's all recovered I've been able to give these a good test. There is a wide range of ABCderm products and these ones were specifically picked out for us. The whole range is designed to be safe and gentle on delicate baby skin.

The H2O cleansing water is great for washing her sensitive skin. I use it with a bit of cotton wool and it's nice and gentle on her skin. You can use this all over baby and it’s suitable from newborn. It says it won’t sting they're eyes. Now, I obviously didn’t put it in her eyes to test this, but it’s reassuring to know!

I've been applying the cold cream to her hands and face and it's so soft. I use it before going out like you would with a traditional cold cream, to act as a barrier. It doesn’t leave her skin greasy or strong smelling, which is good because who wants to cover up that natural baby smell?

And then there's the cradle cap lotion. I just apply this to the areas where she has a bit of cradle cap and then wash off with shampoo half an hour later. I really started to see the difference after the second and third use.

Before 2nd use

After 2nd use

I've been really impressed with all of these as they're nice and kind to her skin and all have a purpose. The cradle cap lotion is my top pick as it has worked really well.

If you're interested in getting some of these fantastic products, here are the links:

Products gifted for review by Bioderma / Chase PR. Opinions are my own