Baby Kingdom Collection Review

I’ve always had eczema, and April, the poor thing, has inherited this from me. Hers is mainly on her torso, but she gets it on her scalp too. I've tried various things, but only really got any results from cream that the doctor gave us, but I have to wash her hair the morning after she uses it to stop her looking greasy, and I don't want to bath her too often because that aggravates her skin so it limits how often we can use the cream. It's a right pain.

So, Baby Kingdom Collection reached out and said that their products could help. I had heard of other children getting on well with these products so I was hopeful, and I've been really happy with them!

I've tried the 2 in 1 hair and body wash and the body cream. I have seen a real difference in April's skin since using these. She's had less outbreaks of dry skin appear, and those that have are not as angry and red as they had been.

The major difference had been with her scalp though, which I really didn't expect. I can just use this like a normal shampoo, no cream on her scalp making her hair greasy. Her dry skin on her scalp has been an ongoing problem and it has completely gone since using this. I'm genuinely really impressed with this as I have tried many products for this before. 

I’ve also been using this for Enid too. I know that she's probably going to have sensitive skin too so I'm keen to prevent any problems before they arise! I've been using both products on yourher and her skin is as soft as a baby's should be!

Other plus points:

  • Both the body wash and cream smell amazing! Even Dad noticed that Enid smelt nice, and we know men are usually oblivious to this kind of thing!
  • The packaging is great, so they look nice on your bathroom shelf.
  • They go a long way. You really don't need much of either product so you get a lot of uses from each bottle. I've been using them for around 3 weeks now and there's loads left
  • They're suitable from birth
  • They are nice on adult skin too, they don't irritate my skin (most products do!)
  • They're vegan friendly

Bk collection have kindly offered a discount code if you place an order. NEW2BK will get you a whopping 30% off! I highly recommend them.

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(Review of a gifted product)