Zimplikids Bath Slime - Review

Anyone who is a parent of a 2 year old knows how much they love messy play. We also know about the constant battle of keeping the house tidy and clean so messy play that doesn't actually make a mess is a bonus.

We were kindly sent this bath slime and bath gel from Zimplikids and I couldn’t wait to try it out with April.

How this works
You just run a bath full of water and then add the powder which changes the colour and texture. The colour change Gelli Baff gave it a sort of bumpy texture that was thick and gloopy. It actually started off yellow and then you add the second powder to dissolve the gloop and it turns a turquoise colour. April thought it looked like the ocean!

The Glitter Slime Baff has only one powder to add this time which turns the bath water slimy, pink and glittery.

Both of them wash away really easily, which is always a bonus. They didn't stain the towels or the bath.

What we thought

April was a little unsure at first she didn’t know why her bath was a funny colour! Once she got into it though she really enjoyed them. She preferred the pink but then it did have glitter in (what is it with kids and glitter?). Her cousin got in on it too and they really enjoyed running the different textures through their fingers.

It's completely safe for their skin and free from irritants too.

Bath slime and gelli are a fantastic way to have messy fun. Bright colours, water, slime and glitter...I mean, what's not to like?!