My pregnancies


I always thought I'd be some sort of earth mother, loving pregnancy, and strolling through meadows with my neat little bump out and flowers in my hair.

That was not my reality.

In actual fact I did not enjoy being pregnant. It had it's perks; people always gave me big portions of food and were extra tolerant of my moodiness, but all in all it was rough, both times. 

Before I even took the test there was this awful smell everywhere. I couldn't work out what it was, did I smell? No. Maybe it was my partner.... Either way, this smell kept following me around and only got worse during those first months. 
My top 3 worst pregnancy smells were:
  1. Cat food
  2. The fridge and freezer
  3. My office at lunchtime

There were many more, plus the weird smell that was everywhere. I used to carry a pot of Vicks around to sniff just to get rid of the other smells. 

Then there was the sickness. I don't even want to write about it too much, it was just awful. I had hyperemesis gravidarum, HG, and was admitted to hospital to go on a drip twice during my first pregnancy. It was less severe the second time, but still makes me shudder to think of, and I had a toddler to deal with too. Pooey nappies are not the one...

Also, anyone who tells you ginger biscuits help with sickness has obviously never had HG. My doctor gave me some very sensible advice on what to eat: whatever tastes the least bad when it comes back up.

I didn't have any cravings, unless you count sniffing vapour rub. I just ate whatever I could stomach, and was often immediately sick.
Time to move on now because this reminiscing is making me queezy.

I had excessive tiredness, but that wasn't the worst. I like napping. 

Then there were a few weeks of okayishness somewhere around the second trimester before all the aches and pains set in. Then I had back pain, rib pain and pelvic girdle pain. I also got swelling: hands, feet and face. I was pregnant through summer and this was difficult, but at least it meant that I could wear my Birkenstocks everywhere. If you had a winter baby with swollen feet, what on earth did you do? My feet couldn't squidge in to any of my boots. I think I would have had to do socks and sandals!

Certain things were just odd and unexpected. Like excess skin pigment. If you were lucky enough not to get this, it's random dark patches of skin, often in a line on your stomach. I had the line, I also had patches on my face, and a dark line on my top lip like a drawn on moustache! Not a good look.

The silver lining for me was that the old wives tale of hard pregnancy = easy birth was true for both of mine. I'll write about that another day.
But, I'd do it all again, right? Well, I did. But it's someone else's turn now. Enjoy!